Meet the GM: Levi Horn from Timbers Bachelor Gulch

Mar 18, 2022

Get to know the General Managers at Timbers’ properties throughout the globe! We sat down with Levi Horn, the General Manager of Timbers Bachelor Gulch in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Get to know Levi more with the questions below:

What do you like most about working at Timbers?

Timbers Resorts is an amazing company to work for. The camaraderie felt daily is amazing, however, what truly separates Timbers from other companies is the desire that every employee shares in creating wonderful memories for our Owners and guests. This culture is created from the top down and is inspiring for all. 

What do you enjoy most about living in the area?

What’s not to like living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains? Activities are abundant, the weather is amazing, and the small tight-knit community is perfect for families.   

What motivates you to go to work each day?

I have the urge to become better as a leader every day. I am motivated by the thought of making a difference in both our employees and Owners’ lives.    

Is there a local favorite spot (like a restaurant or hiking trail) that you always recommend to Owners or guests?

Lions Head Rock in Minturn. This is one of my favorite hikes to personally take and recommend because of how easy the trailhead is to locate, and the view at the top is stunning.

Tell us about a memorable special moment from the past year that happened at Timbers Bachelor Gulch.

A member of the concierge team found out that an owner’s daughter was celebrating a birthday. This specific concierge made many different arrangements for the family, however, what made this exact moment extremely special was what the concierge did while the family was at dinner. This concierge (with help from other team members) found out what the daughter liked, purchased themed materials, and decorated the entire residence, in addition to providing cookies, cupcakes, and candles to celebrate this young girl’s special day. The family returned from dinner to find a note from the team wishing her a happy birthday, cookies, cupcakes, glitter, balloons, and other decorations. They were all speechless and truly stunned. Upon their departure, the family left a note saying the trip was the most special and memorable and that they were already looking forward to their next visit.

What is a fun fact that people are surprised to learn about you?

I can flip on skis in 4 different directions!



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