Our Story

Beginning as one man’s vision in 1999, Founder David Burden launched the Timbers Club in Snowmass in Aspen, Colorado. Initially, Burden believed he was just building a single resort, but after the success of Timbers Club, he was sought out to develop Esperanza, in Baja, Mexico. It was then that Burden realized he may be on to something, and the true potential of Timbers Resorts was realized.

With the realization of what Timbers was capable of becoming and an eye on providing an approachable luxury resort experience that emphasizes blending with the local culture, Timbers quickly evolved into a world-class brand. By avoiding the more standardized heel-clicking, sterilized approach commonly associated with luxury resorts, our Timbers niche was established.

While our business model evolved, our core values have never wavered. We started this journey inspired not only to protect and preserve the environment but to operate with great sensitivity. We pride ourselves on being stewards of the land and a partner to the locals in spectacular, one-of-a-kind destinations; intimate in scale yet with the feeling of home to everyone who stays with us.

“Our story began in 1999 with one property and I couldn’t believe how fast it took off. Suddenly I realized that we may have something people like – not just in one location but in multiple locations around the world.”

David Burden, Founder & Executive Chairman

At Timbers, we believe life is a collection of moments. It’s watching your grandchild catch a wave, or that first family run together down a black diamond slope. It’s everyone all curled up with popcorn and a movie. It’s the magic that brings us back to favorite places again and again. It’s where we feel like a local. And why we put down roots. But it’s also the little things—like a familiar smile—or a warm welcome after a long day of travel. The collective moments created by our team make the Timbers brand, a luxury haven people trust and return to, time after time.

The Timbers Company

For the past two decades, our company shared its name with our world-class, ultra-luxury Timbers Resorts. As we embark on a new period of growth and expanded product development, we are proud to reintroduce our team behind Timbers Resorts as The Timbers Company.

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Our Core Values

We are in the business of making memories, and this mantra is reflected in everything we do and every interaction we have whether it be in Hospitality Operations Management, Asset Management, Development, or Sales & Marketing. Our values define who we are.

• Be Authentic
• Practice Humility
• Cultivate Teamwork
• Value Time
• Be Trustworthy

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